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Entering BaochengSpecializing in the design, manufacturing and sales of electroacoustic automation equipment
Provide overall solution

  • 15experience in automation equipment industry

  • 60professional equipment production technicians

  • 4000floor area of factory buildings

  • 500customers unanimously choose and approve


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Provide customers with excellent automation systems and electroacoustic solutions

Baocheng · strives to stand out in the same industry

Precise, stable, fast and safe products

Born for efficiencyhigh quality technology and high-quality manufacturing process

  • Fast time saving :Hourly capacity1000pcs-2500pcs/Hr

  • Stable performance :Stable and efficient, accurate cutting

  • Simple operation :The equipment is easy to operate and learn

  • After sales guarantee :The warranty of the whole machine is
    3 years, and the extra long warranty

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  • Fast time saving
  • Stable performance
  • Simple operation
  • After sales guarantee

Has been focusing on electroacoustic automation equipment for 15 years

Baocheng Electroacoustic Automation Equipment · Give Products Market Competitiveness

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