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  Generally speaking, the voice coil motor winding machine for making voice coils or other coils will not have loose wires. If the loose wires occur, it is likely that there is something wrong with it. Let's talk about the solution:
  1. Check materials
  In many cases, the voice coil motor winding machine itself is not faulty, but because the staff took the wrong wire, resulting in the corresponding tension, the number of coils and so on can not meet expectations.
  2. The starting and winding slow train is not set properly
  The starting and winding of slow train means that the initial winding turns are not set in place, which leads to the tension structure and the impact force of enamelled wire being wrong and the wire is scattered.
  3. Parking idle setting error
  Stopping and idling refers to the last several turns of winding. This function can reduce the impact on the brake and enable the equipment to finish winding smoothly, especially for the winding process requiring precise positioning. This parameter must be set. According to the different operating speeds of the equipment, the parameter should also be adjusted to 2 to 5 turns in general.
  4. Machine failure
  If no problems are found in terms of personnel, materials and settings, it is necessary to consider the failure of the automatic winding machine.
  In a word, in general, if the wire is really broken, we should start from the material aspect to see if there is a problem with the setting, and finally check the failure of the automatic winding machine!