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  With the continuous development of the motor industry, the motor supporting equipment is becoming more and more popular. For example, as a professional stator rotor winding equipment, compared with the traditional manual mode, the winding machine not only greatly improves the speed and efficiency, but also the number of turns is not wrong, and the quality of the wound coils is better.
  In the process of using the winding machine, some friends always felt that the winding speed was slow. Without knowing the reason, they forced to increase the speed or change the parameters, which led to problems of the equipment, damage, breakage and jumper of the enamelled wire. This is definitely not possible. We must find out the reasons and solve the problem correctly. What are the reasons for the slow speed?
  1. Wire material ansd wire diameter, different wire material and wire diameter, and winding speed are different. Generally, enamelled copper wire is harder than aluminum wire and iron wire, and the speed setting is also different; Within a certain range, the thicker the wire diameter is, the slower the winding speed is; on the contrary, the faster the speed is.
  2. Motor and whole machine configuration. The configuration of motor is very important. For high-precision equipment, precision wire laying is required. If the speed is required to be fast, it is necessary to configure a good servo motor, such as Panasonic, Fuji, etc., as well as a high requirement for the control machine, so that the control can be more accurate. The configuration requirements of various parts of the whole machine should also be high. While running at high speed, the machine should be stable, which is the key.
  3. The speed parameters are not set correctly. Different skeleton products require different quality, precision and speed requirements. It is not allowed to increase the speed by force. The speed must be adjusted according to the instructions and the manufacturer's requirements.
  4. There are many turns or multiple wires are wound together. Some products have many turns. If a single wire is wound, the speed requirement is higher; If multiple wires are wound in parallel, the speed will decrease accordingly, which is normal.
  5. The setting of the tensioner is unreasonable. The tensioner is also a key component. The setting must be reasonable. Generally, there is a corresponding tension meter, which can be set according to the requirements. In many cases, the tension can be felt when you try it by hand.
  The above are the reasons why the winding speed of the winding machine is slow. Of course, there are also other factors, such as the wire arrangement device, mold precision, and winding process. To solve the problem of slow speed, we need to take comprehensive consideration in many aspects. Comprehensive improvement is the absolute truth!