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  The winding machine is a device for winding a linear object onto a specific workpiece, usually used for winding copper wire. Most electrical products need to be wound with enamelled copper wire (enamelled wire for short) to form an inductive coil, which can be processed in one or more ways with a winding machine.
  It cannot be ignored that the vibration reduction and dryness reduction in the mechanical industry is a proof of the technical strength of the product, as is the case with any machine. The winding machine will make product noise during work, and the size of the noise is closely related to the product life cycle. How to reduce vibration and dryness?
  In fact, it is not difficult. Damping is the most effective way to reduce vibration resonance response. The role of damping is to convert vibration energy into heat energy for dissipation, so as to suppress structural vibration and achieve the goal of reducing noise. This processing method is called damping vibration reduction and dryness reduction.
  In addition, the vibration reduction and dryness reduction of the wire winding machine are mainly achieved by reducing the strength of the bending vibration of the metal plate. The shell structure of the automatic wire winding machine, the parallel wire winding machine, and the large button force wire winding machine are generally made of metal sheets. The damping of the metal sheet material is very small, and the noise is radiated due to vibration during operation.
  Apply a layer of damping material on the metal sheet of the winding machine. When the metal sheet undergoes bending vibration, the vibration energy will quickly transfer to the damping material coated on the sheet, and cause friction between the sheet and damping material as well as inside the damping material. Due to the internal loss and large internal friction of the damping material, a considerable part of the metal vibration energy will be lost and turned into heat energy, reducing the bending vibration of the sheet, and shortening the vibration time after the sheet is excited, Therefore, the energy of the radiated noise of the metal plate is reduced, which is the principle of damping vibration and reducing dryness.