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Single-axis magnetic rod coil winder
Basic introduction

This machine is a special model for magnetic rod coils, and can also be used to wind ordinary coils with the magnetic rod mechanism turned off. The magnetic rod is fed through the vibrating disk, and combined with the magnetic rod feeding mechanism, the magnetic rod is sent to the special winding jig. The vibrating disk has a screening function to ensure that the magnetic core can be loaded smoothly and quickly. The specially made magnetic core mould can reduce the damage of the magnetic core and can deal with various types of magnetic cores.

Equipment features:

The control system adopts touch screen input, and the parameter setting is simple and easy to understand. The mechanical structure is designed reasonably, and all materials used are processed by special technology. The mechanical movement part adopts imported servo motor and high-precision ball screw, and the rotating part adopts imported bearings to ensure the high efficiency and precision of the product; The equipment can be efficiently and stably produced 24 hours a day, and one person can operate multiple equipment. The equipment has high compatibility and can cooperate with the automatic production line.

Applicable products of the equipment:

Magnetic rod coil, air core coil

Basic parameters of single axis magnetic rod coil winding machine
name parameter name parameter
model BC-BAS-CX Applicable coil Magnetic rod/air core
Spindle (S axis) Stop accuracy of 750W motor: ± 0.1 °; Decomposition capacity: 0.1°​ Feeding mode Vibrating disc
Spindle revolutions Max:3500rmp Applicable wire diameter Single strand ø0.02mm~0.6mm
Spindle direction Clockwise/counterclockwise Power Supply AC220V±10%single-phase50/60Hz
Flat cable shaft(X) 200W motor disassembly capacity:0.001mm Power consumption A about 2.0KvA
Winding width axis(Y) 400W decomposition capability:0.001mm Air source ≥0.4MPa
Input mode Man machine interface (8-inch control panel)​ Specification (L * W * H) 900×600×1400mm
Number of control axes 3 Axis weight about 230KG
Product detail drawing
Equipment output products